Transparent and secure, from start to finish


VatLab gives you full visibility into your data and documents' journey, from the moment they are extracted from your systems to the delivery of results. Our dashboard provides real-time visibility into every step along the way, with each interaction recorded in a detailed timeline. This includes every access event and identifies the specific members of the VatLab team involved.

Throughout this process, your data remains securely within the AWS cloud. After our collaboration on a project concludes, your data and documents are promptly destroyed.

Physical Security

VatLab's infrastructure is provisioned entirely within Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging their best-in-class physical security and reliability guarantees.

All servers that store sensitive data exist in private networks that can only be directly accessed via our secure "bastion" servers.


Employees are given the minimum access privileges required to perform their function - no more. All employee (and client) accounts that access sensitive data are required to enable MFA (multi-factor authentication).

We use separate environments for development, testing and production and practice "immutable infrastructure", meaning we don't make changes to live code or production servers. This further minimises the risk that security vulnerabilities can find their way into production systems that have access to your data.

Software Security

Your data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption and protected in transit using strong encryption (at least TLS 1.2). Your VatLab password is hashed using bcrypt, and our production secrets are managed using AWS tools.

Access to sensitive data and resources are restricted using time-based access.


We use automated monitoring and alerting tools to ensure that our systems are running correctly and securely at all times. These alerts are monitored 24/7 and issues are addressed as soon as they are discovered.

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