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All license packages listed in the table bellow can be used to create an unlimited number of Facebook applications, Facebook Pages, and/or Facebook Connect websites. Please read the End User License Agreement for details.

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Customer Testimonials

"As a facebook "newby", developing a Facebook application is quite a challenge. You need to learn to Facebook concepts, the ever changing facebook APIs, working around APIs being depreciated. I found the libraries provided by Vatlab extremely helpful. Within hours I got the Facebook functions that I needed up and running. The documentation combined with the online tutorial was all that I needed.

"What also makes this product stand out in a IT world where decent product support is becoming a big issue, is the way developer of the libraries handled a question I had. The reply came very quickly and was to the point. It was a real pleasure to deal with him. I can only recommend this library and I’m sure that we will continue to see exciting new features in future."

Peter Cabus, Sr. Consultant, IT & Video Consultancy

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