Facebook Connect ASP.NET Controls in C# and VB.NET

Facebook Connect is technology used for connecting external websites with Facebook, to allow access to data from Facebook, and also use other useful features for promotion of websites among user friends. To enable these features a visitor of a website has to press the Login Button to make a connection and authorize the application by granting permissions required by the application. After the authorization is finished, website can work with all features as a native Facebook application. To authorize an application it is required to call some part of .NET code from C# or VB.NET. The authorization code with all configurations is provided in Starter Kit and is based on Facebook C# SDK (open source library). To make user interfaces to work it is required to call JavaScript with application keys on each page. To avoid redundancy and be more independent on frequent changes in Facebook API initialization code is made as an ASP.NET control.

ASP.NET Controls for Facebook Connect Integration

Facebook Visual Kit contains 20 Facebook ASP.NET Controls. Almost all controls are applicable in usage for Facebook Connect integration, but the following list contains the most used ones. To see the complete list look at Facebook ASP.NET Controls.

ASP.NET Control Description
Facebook Login Button Facebook Login Button control is used for connecting a web site with Facebook, and sharing data using Facebook API. It also enables that, once user is logged, all controls from the library will work without the requirement for logging.
Facebook Logout Button Facebook Logout Button is used to clear session with Facebook. If a user is logged on Facebook, pressing on the Login Button will result in executing of event handler where additional code can be executed, for example to make logout from that website too.
Facebook Custom Login Button Facebook Custom Login Button ASP.NET control has the same purpose as Facebook Login Button control, but while Facebook Login Button control has predefined appearance which is rendered on Facebook server, Custom Login Button control can be defined by developer.
Facebook Request Dialog Facebook Request Dialog is new Facebook component used for inviting friends to start using Facebook application of Facebook Connect website, and for requesting particular action from friends who already use the application.
Facebook Stream Publish Facebook Stream Publish Popup is used to publish stories on user wall, friends' wall or on page wall if the user is admin.
Facebook Like Button Like button allows users to share some content from the website with their friends.
Facebook Like Box Like Box is used to allow users of the web site to become fan of the Facebook page, see messages from the page wall and people who are fans of the page.
Facebook Comments Comment box control is used to enable Facebook Connect web site user to place comments about a web site or some article on the web site.
Facebook Send Button Facebook Send Button is used to share info about interesting content with just a couple of (presumably) interested Facebook friends.
Facebook Permissions Facebook Permission control is used to enable user to add permission to Facebook application or Facebook Connect web site, like sending email, status updates.
Facebook Share Button Facebook Share Button is used to share interesting links of web pages, Facebook application, Facebook Connect web site or Facebook Page with user friends.
Facebook Invite All Friends Facebook Invite All Friends ASP.NET control is used to provide invitation of lot of friends without tedious selection one by one.
Initialize Facebook Graph API Initialization of Facebook Graph API is made by calling of particular JavaScript with application id and secret...

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